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Online Educational Management System

Educational ERP

Powerful features for your institution

Schools and colleges have designed and evolved their own systems over time. New administrators, new thinking and new requirements have always led to modifications in a continuous cycle of change.Therefore almost all institutions have different systems and processes, even those in the same area.

Most student information systems are difficult to learn and configure, so many schools don’t use them. Our School ERP was designed to be easy to use. So easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and email should be able to use it within 10 minutes.


About Educational ERP System

Use Rejuvenate’s Education ERP in any kind of educational institution – schools, universities, colleges, training centers, coaching institutes, tuition centers, any institution or centre which needs to manage students, teachers and a whole lot more, 

We offer every school full privacy to their data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored in Our ERP.

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User Friendly

It’s easy to work on Our School Management software on your first login without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working a computer.


Web Based

You do not have to install anything on your computer. Our software  is an Online School Management System. That means you use it in your favorite browser.


Graphical reports

Get a graphical analysis of student performance with the help of  School ERP. Other graphical reports are also available for Examinations and Finance.


Wide range of services

Rejuvenate ERP  offers you a variety of other services like installation, customization, support, hosting, integration, training services and implementation.

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All our plans include unlimited students, unlimited courses,priority support with no hidden fee.

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